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Breathing Paradise is a mindful mantra and visual scape that inspires viewing your world in its ultimate state. When you breath in paradise, you inhale and enter an increased state of calm and happiness, leaving you breathing in paradise. The aspiration is to take your dark and fill it with stars. Adding colors and raise up through the journey in a state of love, fresh freedom, and grace. 
So why not entice yourself on a soulful sojourn where everyday is your Soulcation ™ Trust yourself completely, turn inward, where the internal, becomes your external world. 

Sarah Saleh was raised in the Mediterranean and Asia. She would travel Her travels through 

capturing the essence of a state of paradise

traveling each year through Europe to meet with close friends and breathe in different airs. These vastly different climates influence and show resonance through the visual tones and textures felt here. Capturing contrasts, the "dulce" and "bitterness" of life, influencing her designs. 

Taking these sojourns 

It was time to move to Los Angeles in 2012, where she started designing her life path. Sarah has worked as a designer with top clients in fashion, Chiara Ferragni jewelry, biotech, law firms and many more industries. You can be sure to receive quality designs that are never outsourced and convey the highest aesthetics for your business brand. Sarah has had her work featured in T.V. Shows: with Marcel Remos in Germany and on Dancing With the Stars Russia, and top international fashion magazines like VogueMarie Claire and Allure magazine to name a few. 

Excellence is not just an obsession, it's a way of life.



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Traveling the world for many years, experiencing many diverse versions of lifestyles through people & culture, Sarah began cultivating & nurturing a life filled with constant discoveries, creating her ultimate life through the mantra of Breathing in Paradise + building her universe.

Discovering her dream life through | 

natural beauty + tranquility + deep healing + prosperity 

This website is to inspire through content & real life experiences, promote emotional hygiene, all things beautiful and living the ultimate life!


The goal is to discover your ultimate life + self through exceptional experiences.  




The mind is the architect, and your mental and visual state designs your universe.