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Hello Gorgeous Humans! 

Did You Know | Trillions of Americans Have Unclaimed Money?

When my mom passed away suddenly. I didn't know how to go about fixing her assets. I knew I had to go to her banks to close her accounts. That's when the banker told me, you can claim her money. (I wasn't raised in the states, so I didn't know all the rights.) I asked if there was one database that can show you where a person's assets is (with proof that you're rightfully the beneficiary), and she said no.




Good News | There IS  


This is a government website where you put your name and it shows you everything owed to you, that you haven't claimed. It takes a few minutes to claim it and BOOM, a check in the mail arrives. I know! Interesting.

TIP | You can search by state



This one is a Luca's recommendation. Try it ;)



Anyway, all these miracles started happening. One day on Mother's Day, I got a call from a bank saying I had unclaimed money. I couldn't believe it, I thought it was a scam. So I told them I would go to the bank in person to claim it. Turns out, it was the cashier's check my mom gave me as a present years ago, but I never cashed it. I wanted her to spend it on herself, but didn't want to tell her. 5 YEARS later, 2 years after she passed away, Bank of America called to "remind me." That never happens. A bank? Issa Miracle.  Happy Mother's Day 


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