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Pleiadians Channeling | Re-dreaming the Living Library

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From Brian Scott (narrator) 

The Pleiadians have said "We work with very ancient beings called the Keepers of Time, who steer your universe. Can you imagine this? Just as you steer a car to stay on the road, the Keepers of Time steer the universe on a course. The Keepers of Time are the original instigators, the innovators of the Living Libraries. They are creations of the Game Masters. You must be, and we use your human terms here, “very highly evolved” in order to make contact with the Keepers of Time.

Many know of their existence, but how do you find them and get them to communicate? Stories exist of highly evolved beings upon your planet. Yet, how do you meet them, and how do you get them to work with you? How do you get them to impart their secrets to you? It is simple: you must learn to match their frequency. Like the yogis and shamans of your world, the Keepers of Time possess ambiguous personalities. They are enigmas. Although they are known and respected, none know where they dwell, how to contact them, or what they look like.

It is our fortune to be able to work with the Keepers of Time. They are our teachers, as we are one set of your teachers. The Keepers of Time have tricked us into discovering the Living Libraries. They have tricked us as well into figuring out how to activate these libraries, because the Keepers of Time do not want to lose their universe. The Keepers of Time will keep your universe separated until that point of existence when the whole universe understands that it is one. When this occurs, the universe will collapse in upon itself, so to speak, becoming one with Prime Creator, and understanding what it is." What are the living libraries? We explore this further.

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