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Let's travel to Turkey and bask in the memory of a Turkish bath. You enter into a warm room, the architecture is exquisite and walk forward. You lay on a warm stone center where you are bathed, exfoliated and massaged. A bathing method of cleansing and relaxation. Wrapping a clean towel around yourself, you feel the fresh sensation of being reborn into a new skin, you feel shiny. Bring that experience home. There are expensive ($45) Turkish Mitts that are trendy, but you can purchase the original ones from Turkey on Amazon for much less. Same product, more authentic.


A transformative experience to re-energize and release all that is not serving your higher purpose, inspiring you to feel more confident and empowered in your own skin

Turkish mitts, also known as a kese, are made with natural pure Turkish silk. Originally brought from the Orient during the Ottoman Empire. By exfoliating and detoxifying the body, this natural skincare remedy aims to tackle dry skin, the removal of self-tanner, preventing ingrown hairs, blackheads, acne, cellulite, and scarring. It boosts whole body circulation, oxygenating cells, promoting healthy blood flow leaving the body re-energized and invigorated, restoring a glowing complexion! Exfoliate once a week with love. 


how to get your glow on 

TIP | Hand wash only with hot water.



For first time use, hand wash thoroughly with hot water. Soften your beautiful skin by taking a steam shower or warm bath for 5-10 mins. The softer you are the more you peel. 


Wet the glove, squeeze out any excess water and place your hand inside. Remove your body from the water, firmly glide the glove up and down to peel away the dead skin and any insecurities. Give extra attention to areas you feel may need a little more lovin’.

Do not use soap or oils. Skin must be completely clean of residue from bath bombs, soaks, and bubbles. Peeling may not occur if skin is excessively wet or hairy. Be gentle on your face and sensitive areas and avoid open cuts, flaring acne or sunburnt skin


Rinse your body and allow any self-doubts to go down the drain, along with a whole lot of dead skin. Let the glow begin ;) 






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