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MIND | 5 Crystals for Masculine Energy

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For those looking to attract a partner or enter into a new relationship, malachite can help you open up to love. Malachite connects with the heart but has a very wise, masculine energy that might help you recognize patterns of behavior that do not serve you. It encourages breaking up with negative habits in relationships so that you can be vulnerable and learn to give and receive love.

Crystal practice: Hold your malachite crystal over your heart chakra to open your heart to love and transformation.


For a boost of courage, connect with a tiger’s eye crystal. This stone challenges you to look into the eye of the tiger and face your fears head-on. Once you acknowledge and understand your fears, you can overcome them. Whether it’s a fear of change, a fear of the unknown, or the fear of asking for a promotion, tiger’s eye gives you some of the bold energy you need to bravely rise above.

Crystal practice: Hold your tiger’s eye crystal in your dominant hand and stand with your feet firmly planted. While standing in a power pose holding your crystal, say out loud, “I am courageous.”


Black tourmaline is like your personal energetic bodyguard. It absorbs negative energy around you and shields you from unwanted energy.

Crystal practice: Place a black tourmaline crystal in your pocket for on-the-go protection or set one at the front door or in the corners of your home and office to protect the energy of your environment.


Shungite is great for the techy person or really anyone who spends a lot of time using a screen and is looking to balance out their energy.

Crystal practice: Place a shungite crystal on your laptop, phone, or desk to protect and cleanse your energy field.


Pyrite can support your financial aspirations and career successes. This crystal has a golden luster to it that represents the wealth and abundance you can attract if you set your mind to it. Keep pyrite around as a reminder to pursue your goals and stay positive.

Crystal practice: Place a pyrite crystal in your wallet to carry its wealth-attracting energy with you.

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